Canteen – Simon Cohen

17 March 2019

In the first of 2019’s events, The Marketing Forum was joined by Simon Cohen who founded PR agency Global Tolerance in 2003, aged 24.

Simon grew the company to become the world’s leading agency in social change, representing leaders including HH Dalai Lama, HRH The Prince of Wales, and Gandhi’s grandson. Simon then famously gave away the £1m company for the riches of family life in Cornwall. Between nappy changes and role-playing as a dinosaur-fairy-princess, Simon works with a Tibetan Buddhist master, and travels the world with his family, giving talks about love and leadership. He is also a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur magazine and other global media. 

“Re-appropriate that which is already in the public domain. What’s already out there? Look for opportunities and take them.”

Simon Cohen

Following a live interview with with Simon to hear his story, how he focused on social purpose not profits to propel his company and created campaigns, including Tolerance for Jedis to create ground-breaking impact, steering mainstream media towards powerful questions of respect and identity we all broke bread together with incredible food created by Ben Quinn and his Canteen Cornwall team.