Warehouse – Grace Reith & Evie Johnstone

Thursday 27 February 2020

On Thursday 27 February The Marketing Forum welcomed Grace Reith, Head of Marketing for Origin Coffee Roasters and Evie Johnstone, photographer and content creator to join us for a discussion about all things social media.

Grace gave us insights on her experiences of how important social media and in particular Instagram is for her design sensitive specialist coffee audience while Evie’s experiences of using social media to develop her own brand were invaluable. Authenticity was deemed essential, as was a need to create content and use social channels that were really focused on your audiences.

We also talked about the sheer time it takes to create quality content and the challenges for those who provide outsourced social media support in getting quality content or the budget to create it from clients.

Huge thanks to Grace and Evie for joining us and to The Warehouse in Penryn for the excellent coffee and muffins to perk everyone up!